Comedy Clowns Melbourne
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Ensuring that all your guests are completely entertained during an event hosted by you can get frantic at times. Well, you don’t have to panic any more as we, at Comedy Clowns, excel in entertaining people from every walk of life.

Exotic Clown Hire in Glen Waverly

With Comedy Clowns, you don’t have to look any further for clown hire in Glen Waverly. We offer some of the best clowns and other entertainers and ensure that your guests stay entertained throughout your festivity. Redefining merrymaking, clowns from Comedy Clowns know just what is required to create a fun-filled realm. Our clowns will lace your occasion with laughter, by entertaining both the young and the old alike. Right from birthday parties to corporate events our clowns know what it takes to bring that million-dollar smile on the faces of your guests and acquaintances.

Jumping Castle Hire in Glen Waverly Made Hassle-Free

Being in the industry for over two decades now, Comedy Clowns have made jumping castle hire in Glen Waverly easy. We offer a wide array of jumping castles for both kids and teenagers, for hire, in Glen Waverly. Our wide array of jumping castles for children include Loonie Tunes, princess castles, Castle of Disney Princess, cars, Sponge Bob and more. We also have an exciting range of jumping castles for teenagers, which include Dragon, Ghoastbumps, Frog, Clown, Footy Fever jumping castle as well as Giraffe jumping castles. Most of the jumping castle hire in Glen Waverly come with protection against rain and sun. We also offer expert services of face painting in Glen Waverly.

Quick Magician Hire in Glen Waverly

Magician hire in Glen Waverly is now just a call away. Comedy Clowns host magicians who will surely leave your guests mesmerized. Our magicians come with a portfolio, which is an exotic combination of exhaustive experience and exclusive magic tricks, to entertain you with nothing but the best. Be it kids, youngsters or the old aged, magicians from Comedy Clowns entertain people alike. Leaving no stone unturned, our magicians are dedicated to their profession and aim to make their audience escape into an all new world of magic. We also offer balloon animal making in Glen Waverly to keep your junior guests completely engaged.

Contact Us Now

To know more about how we can help you, feel free to call us at (03) 9706 – 2433. You can either post your queries online or can just fill our form online, mentioning all your requirements. Apart from clowns, magicians, jumping castle hire facilities and balloon animal making in Glen Waverly, we also offer other entertainers who specialize in face painting in Glen Waverly.