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School Testimonials

Over the years, Alan has built a strong reputation for producing exciting entertainment. Laced with loads of laughs and high energy, he has always thrilled wherever he has appeared.

What the schools say...

Tyntynder School, Victoria

"The Tyntynder cluster of schools often have performing artists visit and perform for our cluster. I consider Dotto the magic clown to be the most entertaining of the performers I have seen. I would recommend Dotto as a performing artist to any group involving children." - Phillip De Morton

Goroke Consolidated School

" Dotto, performed before an audience whose ages ranged from 2 to 52 and all were entertained, amazed, amused and intrigued. His well-practiced skills were evident. Fast moving actions through a variety of acts." - J. Patterson

Wycheproof Education Centre

"The use of live animals enhanced and added variety to the show as well as the idea of making the audience part of the performance through participation. We recommend Dotto the Magic clown to all primary school age children." - R.W. Bedgood

Quambatook Group School

"The magic by Dotto was run very professionally with quick moving action at all times. The children were fascinated by the magic and balloon twisting. It was good to see the children involved in some of the stunts. A terrific session."

Lindenow Primary School

"The whole school was delighted with the performances of Dotto the magic Clown. The classic tricks and jokes which made up his act are part of the culture which not many children have the opportunity to experience these days." - Mrs. G.M. Evans

Hamilton North Primary School

"Excellent. Allan kept the attention of everyone throughout the performance. The children were full of "magic" talk for hours afterwards and really keen to try out the tricks he showed them." - Lyn Radley

Kennington Primary

"Highly impressed - had the children talking for days afterwards" - Trevor Trewarton

Mandurah Catholic College

"Excellent. We have one show per year from School performance tours and this is the best we have had yet. He captivated the children from pre-primary to year 4 with his magic and other skills. We will have him again in a few years. Very professional." -Mathew Faulkner

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